Contrast Of Ideas

I’m going to elaborate on this one central idea as owning a car is unaffordable for many people leading many of them to depend on public transportation a government I’m going back to the government has a duty to supply its citizens with the infrastructure that will allow them to be mobile so we’re talking about mobility issues we’re talking about citizens we’re talking about government duty all still related to the topic sentence in other words now I’m going to elaborate explain a little bit differently they should not have to worry about spending two hours stuck in traffic when commuting to work or going shopping or even enjoying their free time so what happens if you don’t invest in public transportation people can’t move they’re always stuck in traffic right they can’t go to work work the cans go shopping the cat go to the theatre. Find out how to earn a good essay score at Robotdon.

Now in the big picture moreover so now I’m adding to this last idea increased mobility helps the economy thrive because people can get to work with more productive workers okay so the economy is good because people are working properly and busier shopping an entertainment center people can go shopping people can go to the theater spend their money help the economy everything works together thus the government needs to consider the wider implications of upgrading and maintaining an efficient public transportation system and act accordingly so because these things do help the economy they help the people the government needs to think about these things and invest in public transportation which goes back to your thesis now the next paragraph how would you begin the next paragraph after this one this is to begin with which means this is your first body paragraph now would you say that being said on the other hand furthermore with this in mind then with this in mind then etc another economic benefit of better public transportation all of these are okay but if you’re going to say that being said I’m expecting a contrast or I’m expecting some sort of situation where that’s not always true or a concession argument on the other hand you’re showing me a contrast you’re going to talk about why the government shouldn’t invest furthermore.

You’re giving me more reasons why the government should invest with this in mind then now you’re going to tell me more about what the government can do for example another economic benefit you’re just adding so the next transition is very important depending on what you’re going to focus on in your second body paragraph and don’t forget to connect everything back to your original thesis now I hope that was a little bit clearer and a little bit helpful I know it’s not easy it takes practice but make sure that every sentence connects to the next sentence to the next sentence to the next sentence make sure that the whole paragraph makes your argument you make your one argument very very clear and make sure that it’s very clear to the reader what that argument is in your topic sentence.

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