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Contrast Of Ideas

I’m going to elaborate on this one central idea as owning a car is unaffordable for many people leading many of them to depend on public transportation a government I’m going back to the government has a duty to supply its citizens with the infrastructure that will allow them to be mobile so we’re talking about mobility issues we’re talking about citizens we’re talking about government duty all still related to the topic sentence in other words now I’m going to elaborate explain a little bit differently they should not have to worry about spending two hours stuck in traffic when commuting to work or going shopping or even enjoying their free time so what happens if you don’t invest in public transportation people can’t move they’re always stuck in traffic right they can’t go to work work the cans go shopping the cat go to the theatre. Find out how to earn a good essay score at Robotdon.

Now in the big picture moreover so now I’m adding to this last idea increased mobility helps the economy thrive because people can get to work with more productive workers okay so the economy is good because people are working properly and busier shopping an entertainment center people can go shopping people can go to the theater spend their money help the economy everything works together thus the government needs to consider the wider implications of upgrading and maintaining an efficient public transportation system and act accordingly so because these things do help the economy they help the people the government needs to think about these things and invest in public transportation which goes back to your thesis now the next paragraph how would you begin the next paragraph after this one this is to begin with which means this is your first body paragraph now would you say that being said on the other hand furthermore with this in mind then with this in mind then etc another economic benefit of better public transportation all of these are okay but if you’re going to say that being said I’m expecting a contrast or I’m expecting some sort of situation where that’s not always true or a concession argument on the other hand you’re showing me a contrast you’re going to talk about why the government shouldn’t invest furthermore.

You’re giving me more reasons why the government should invest with this in mind then now you’re going to tell me more about what the government can do for example another economic benefit you’re just adding so the next transition is very important depending on what you’re going to focus on in your second body paragraph and don’t forget to connect everything back to your original thesis now I hope that was a little bit clearer and a little bit helpful I know it’s not easy it takes practice but make sure that every sentence connects to the next sentence to the next sentence to the next sentence make sure that the whole paragraph makes your argument you make your one argument very very clear and make sure that it’s very clear to the reader what that argument is in your topic sentence.

How Much Evidence Is Enough

When you’re documenting your work you’re telling readers about the evidence and you’re helping them to find it because if they’re going to believe that you haven’t cooked up this story you’ve got to be able to help them find their way towards it there are two main styles of referencing Harvard and the number two footnote one Harvard one is sometimes called the author-date system that’s the one you ask these people to use so we’ll talk more about this towards the end when I get to the particular and important aspects of our essay writing but it’s thinking about reference as being like an address you want to give someone the address of a mutual friend.

You want to make sure all the particulars are there so that the person can find them likewise you want to make sure that people can go to the source you used and find the page I do remember in an earlier incarnation when I was writing an essay about history and I used a quote from the famous historian e Cara in which I said that he talked of a golden age of history and it doesn’t use believed the page number I didn’t start the page number it was a reference to a whole book and the comment that came back from my lecturer was I am surprised to learn that professor Carr subscribed to a golden age theory of history and I thought well damn it he did it was in the book I must have a look and find the page reference but if it’s going to be a struggle for me to get through the book to read it again and find the page reference why should I expect him to do it he’s got umpteen essays to write so make it easy for him or her to find what you’re talking about well when you’re doing your research for your essay which will be the question of reading on an argument means looking for evidence well how much is enough.

Students often used to ask me that how much is enough and this was the cruel answer I gave them I think it’s a cruel answer because it’s a bit like you know somebody asked you the question how long is a piece of string and well it’s as long as you need for the purpose that you have in mind and for people who are just beginning it doesn’t really help them a lot but nonetheless for people who are well underway it is the correct answer you’ve read enough when you can support your argument and show that you’ve tested it against alternative arguments but for students maybe a rule of thumb would you think that was sort of fairly reasonable that you’ve read enough if you’ve read and used or you’re well aware the people who have this bibliography stuffed with references doesn’t seem to be a lot of evidence in the paper that they’ve actually read them.

An Outline For Essay

You should ask yourself what you should find in the instructions tells that your essay will be fine at the end next create an outline and next do a research and write a paper so there is an exclamation mark here yes you see that why is that do you understand how do you think what are your suggestions can you please share in the chat good so what you generally hear on the internet is that you have to do a research bank create an outline and then write a paper I have it different create an outline before doing research here and then write a paper why do I have that this way a lot of students complain and ask me why does it happen that I read a source and it don’t understand what I read. Find out about essay outline on Edusson.

I read it to the end and I don’t understand what is she to take from here for my essay what has a done author written why do I need that what is there at all this is why you have to you need this outline you need the skeleton of the se to understand when you do a research for what what he might need it have a look we will later have a look on the outline and you will understand this banner but we return to the first power point of a first step what questions you should ask yourself before writing an essay what he should find in the instructions so the first very important thing is a talk of course a lot of students make this great mistake that they come down to writing and soon as they have a talk whereas they Sunda a topic toward their ghostwriter yes and say I need that 500 or 5,000 words essay on that topic that is not enough what it have to know is what is the type of the paper this is very very important because this is a question of life and death yes okay so we have some question.

I will stop here okay so it is difficult to understand yes from the very beginning but I hope that as you listen for the second or even the third time you will grasp the idea so the type of the paper is very important because if you write the wrong type it is a failing paper do you understand that writing a wrong type of paper is failing and you have to understand this if you need an argumentative essay then you have to argue for the position if you have a compare and contrast at so you have to compare and to contrast if you write in rhetorical analysis it should be a rhetorical analysis you shouldn’t hope that you will just speak on the topic of article and it will pass because your language is good no it never works this way you have to understand these types and this is why I pay so much attention to this.